November 27, 1989

Florida State University

Progressive Black Men was established on the campus of Florida State University by twelve minority students who formed a friendship while enrolled in the Summer Enrichment Program at the university. Their similar interest in academic achievement, self-improvement and a commitment to help others reach their potential evolved in them forming an organization that reflected their values.


Progressive Black Men is a brotherhood whose purpose is to reconstruct and redefine the image of the Black male and uplift people of African descent.


Mazi A. Rhodes (2019-2019)

Nathan Adams-Jordan (2017-2018)

Jacourie C. Clark (2016-2017)

Landus B. Pemberton II (2015-2016)

Caleb K. Cineas (2014-2015)

Reginald L. Abel Jr. (2013-2014)

Sabastian Berry, II (2012-2013)

Olayemi Adetutu (2011-2012)

Dadrian Campbell (2010-2011)

Stephan Walters (2009-2010)

Anthony Wright, Jr. (2008-2009)

Ronald Hooks , Jr. (2008)

David Kenton (2007)

Kevin Cyriaque (2006-2007)

Gregory Holcomb, II (2006)

William T. Jackson (2005)

Kwamme Williams (2004-2005)

Patrick Cannon (2003-2004)

Clinton K. Powell (2002-2003)

Nathaniel Hammond (2001-2002)

Anderson D. Prewitt (1998-2000)

Rudolf Williams, Jr. (1997-1998)

Torris Williams (1996)

Marcus Manning (1994-1995)

Jeff Shaw (1993-1994)

Lanass Robinson, II (1992-1993)

Anthony Georges-Pierre (1991-1992)

Todd Taylor (1990-1991)

Dr. Cesar A. Rodriquez (1989)